about us
The information technology industry has progressed enormously in a very short period of just a few decades.  With such progress, the expectations from users have grown in tandem.  Customers now demand highly competent, agile and productive vendors that would provide solutions and services that meet these expectations, within time frames and budgets.

LINKWARE SYSTEMS was formed with the aim to provide our customers with quality services and products that meet and surpasses their expectations.  Our technical competency covers business systems consulting, system design, application development, infrastructure design, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our differentiating factor lies in our ability to find creative solutions to complex problems. Even if there seems to be no solution for your problem, we would find some solution that would accomplish your requirement in one way or another, often having to build it from scratch.  Our extensive experience provides us with the skills to make different systems work together seamlessly, tailored for your needs, to enable you to harness the full potential of technology.